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Glimpses of Reality. Religions and revelation [Vislumbres de lo real. It gives access to a hint of reality. Without capturing this core, it is impossible to understand the constellation of symbols and beliefs that characterise each religion and emanate from such epicentres. This essay broaches the subject of revelatory experience in humanity's major religious configurations, with the intention of establishing criteria of discernment to assess the quality of such phenomena and manifestations.

The author looks at the mystic background of each tradition, noting that all true religious experience has the ability to open up to a greater reality in the three dimensions that constitute the Real, that is, to a greater sense of transcendence, to a subtler and deeper understanding of what is human and to greater respect and reverence for nature. Javier Melloni Barcelona, is a Jesuit, theologian and anthropologist specialising in comparative mysticism and inter-religious dialogue. How to think about a global society [Tierra de nadie. On the other hand, how to think global society; how changes in the globalized world affect and challenge to the activity of thinking.

The author propose that the planet should be recognize as property of nobody, but patrimony of everyone. In this book, Campillo connects science, politics and ethics. Antonio Campillo is professor of philosophy in Murcia University. Writer of several books such as: Goodbye progress. War, State and military science in the Renaissance treated, from Machiavelli to Galileo , Silent reason.

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Essays on Bataille The great experiment. Essays on the global society and Variations of human life. A theory of history Symbolic issues. This book is a compendium of them and the enriching dialogue with students. In it, there is interesting proposals to develop a living and current symbolic thought.

In an era in which the symbolism is fashionable for its exoticism, the author places his study in the academic world, to achieve rigor sometimes nonexistent outside it, but without losing the very creative essence of symbolism. For Arola, symbols are like a secret thread running through and meets the different traditions, so they appear as the unavoidable basis for any intercultural dialogue. The book, which is structured from basic geometric shapes, it is presented as a written and visual speech, with more than pictures that follow the text.

Most of the photographs are from Manel Armengol, but also classic images were selected and included in the book, with the intention of rebuild this universal language. He is specialized in Religion History and the study of symbolic meaning in art pieces.

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He has been part of different research groups and is member of the Bibliotheca Mystica et Philosophica Alois M. He also collaborates in several publications, including Arsqravis, which also directs. Deus Ineffabilis. A postmodern approach to theology [Deus Ineffabilis. God is ineffable. Learning to invoke him with hope, in postmodern society is the goal of this book. In times where systemic violence is everywhere, the question of the possibility of hope is pretty rare.

This is the main thing in Deus Ineffabilis, where the theology sometimes finds interpreters in anthropology and the philosophy of history in the western world, From Hegel and Benjamin to Heidegger, Girard and Agamben. Hope is a vital, mythical, intellectual and moral bet, all at the same time. Hope is a virtue of the last days, that we live in today, important not only for the religious of any culture but also for those humans that wish a better future.

How to call him with hope is the objective of this book. He belongs to the spiritual tradition of the Order of Preachers and has oriented its research towards the confluence between the Christian faith and philosophical reason.

He teaches philosophy and theology at the Iberoamericana University Mexico City since and has been a visiting professor in Switzerland, New York and Brazil. Pathways of finiteness.

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Analogy and difference [Sendas de finitud. Metaphysics only makes sense if it is aware of its finiteness and relativity. Endorsing the burnout that transmits many of the well-known speculative stories, the author claims the analogy as the best reflection of the human condition and its impact on the management of the "big questions".


The work is divided into eight chapters that dialogue with Plato, Thomas Aquinas, Suarez, Tillich and Jaspers, the aim is to get to a universal and no-confessional metaphysic hermeneutic open to the approach of the "last" questions. His main field of research is the history of contemporary philosophy, especially as it relates to issues of metaphysical foundation and its irradiation in ethics and aesthetics. Tired of so many cases of corruption; tired of the abuse of power; fed up with the enrichment of a few at the expense of the rest; sick of seeing how all this damage our democracy.

Sick of corruption, collects the voice of 11 thinkers of our time who wanted to express their thoughts to make this book possible. The initiative for this project is the result of a key moment, when the outrage has given way to weariness and anger. It is our duty to appeal to human dignity and ask: What's going on? Where does the corruption come from? What to do with each of us in our daily lives? What can we do about it? The word of contemporary writers is complemented by a selection of philosophical texts of reference, which also seek answers to these questions.

Because the more perspectives we have and we are more aware of human ambiguity, the more able we are to build a more just and equitable society. Scene therapy [Escenoterapia] The Scene therapy uses acting for therapeutic and educational purposes. Role play, allows you to ease into your conflicts. As the viewer surrendered without fear of psychological processes that occur on stage or on screen, or as the child interacts with reality by playing, dramatization also plays a role of speech, self-awareness and settling disputes and latent fears.

The theater can have a therapeutic function, even preventive, by staging something like a dream or a game, through which processes of projection and reintrojection dissociated aspects of personality are stimulated, thus facilitating personal integration and emotional maturation. The Scene Therapy can be applied to any area of care relationship that seeks to integrate the complexity of the person.

This book exposes deep and affordably theoretical and practical bases of Scene therapy, especially applied to children, adolescents and youth. The book has plenty of examples for the activities. He is also director of the Mental Health collection of Herder. Encounter Groups in Gestalt therapy.

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This work involves the extension of Gestalt therapy, in which the author introduced the basics of this therapy and included some applications focused primarily on the therapeutic encounter individually. Here Castanedo explores the theoretical roots of Gestalt and individual accents while the group gestalt psychotherapy interventions. This is the product of years of professional participation in conferences, courses and conferences, and workshops, both therapeutic and training in different countries and institutions. This fourth edition, revised and expanded, includes, among other information, a new chapter on monitoring Gestalt therapists in training.

Director and founder of the Gestalt Institute Contact Empathy, is author, among others, the following works: Mental deficiency: theoretical aspects and treatment Gestalt Therapy: focus centered in the here and now , Educational values of teachers Psychoeducational bases for special education , American humanistic psychology , Dreams in Gestalt Therapy , Six psychotherapeutic approaches , Diagnosis, Intervention and Research in humanistic psychology The issue of poverty has had a poor reception in the post-conciliar Church, especially in the context of the first Western world.

Often, the "Church of the poor" concept has been negatively associated with Marxism and has moved the event reconcile the Theology of liberation. However, we cannot talk about lack of sensitivity to poverty by the Council, as their passages are quite explicit about it. With the serenity that gives the elapsed time, the author presents and evaluates the conciliar texts and debates on the issue that, rescued from oblivion can become key to the Church of the twenty-first century.

It also stimulates the fact of being in another ecclesial stage, marked by the pontificate of Pope Francis, who, with their genuine gestures and with your own choice of name, has highlighted the ecclesial urgency of the issue that the reader has in his hands. Joan Planellas i Barnosell is a priest of the diocese of Girona and a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

Towards a new epoque of joy and hope in eclesial community]. At the conference, in which the then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio played an important role as rapporteur, was staged what some called conciliar process. The aim is to uncover certain threads that connect the Second Vatican Council, the process of the Conference of Aparecida, the new pontificate Francisco after the resignation of Benedict XVI and the future of the conciliar process in Church.

Starting from a localized experience in a continent, but with roots, trunk and branches universal, we will find that its projection to other latitudes could purify and renew the heart of the Church and make the institution returns to its origins. She is an expert in religious fact, Gestalt, systemic interventions, mediation and social communication.

She was a professor of Religion from to Between and he worked in educational institutions, as a mediator and consultant. Since he is coordinator of Proconcil, in initiative in favor of a reconciliation process.

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The balance of the spirit. Capitalismo, cultura, valores]. Nowadays, terms like values, culture, humanism or citizenship in our society have so much prestige, and are, sometimes, almost sacred. According to this book, the cult given to such concepts provides at least half of the materials needed for future expansion of capitalism. The other half has a pre-disciplinary aspect, but there will be complemented by a cultural ideology of the challenge, experience and transgression, and an uplifting moral rhetoric and self-satisfied.

Antonio Valdecantos argues that European universities have in recent years provided an excellent laboratory for comprehensive privatization of life that seems to lead to the first crisis of capitalism of the XXI century. The teaching and research based on mobility, flexibility, innovation and dynamism have provided the model for the kindest part of future ideology while, on the other side: the model of the university as a competitive and integrated company in the market has become the essence of higher education. The book falls squarely in contemporary debates about the role of the humanities, as objectively as possible.

The author asserts that the notion of culture hinders the understanding of the present and the past, and that the task of the arts, humanities and thought should rethink precisely from removing that obstacle. He received his doctorate in with a thesis on The myth of context and was fitted in with an investigation into Moral and political embarrassment. In recent years he has had a constant criticism technocratization processes and commercialization of university knowledge. The goal is to avoid prolonging unnecessarily the anxiety and distress associated with almost all psychosocial problems and to help clients to recover sooner their personal competence and capacity to function autonomously.

This is, in effect, a manual of brief systemic therapy — more specifically, brief integrative therapy — with a key component focusing on solutions and a range of contributions from the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute regarding narrative therapy and systemic therapy in general. Clear, concise and well structured, the chapters of this work explain what the techniques consist of, what their uses are, and what should be taken into account when using them.

An abundance of research case results are used to illustrate all of the above. The aim is to make psychotherapy as brief as possible, without compromising its effectiveness. A pioneer in Spain in solution focused therapy, he has is the author of over fifty publications on family therapy and brief therapy, including 24 ideas para una psicoterapia breve [24 Ideas for Brief Psychotherapy] and tareas en terapia breve [ Brief Therapy Tasks] co-authored with Marga Herrero de Vega.

Psychopathology and graphic tests. Diferents ways of psicodiagnostics through drawing the house, the tree and the person. This book is the result of a long teaching and clinical research in the fields of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and projective techniques. To start with, Barbosa makes a theoretical nosographic psychopathological frame of large organizations.

Subsequently, it provides the indicators to establish a differential diagnosis and eventually makes its personal contributions around some specific features of graphic projective tests, especially the Tree test and the House test. Asimismo, nos ayudan a analizar el funcionamiento del sistema, localizar las incidencias y problemas que puedan surgir y solventarlos en el menor plazo posible. Dependiendo de cada navegador, este modo privado puede tener diferentes nombres.

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Ver como:. The Diccionary of Yoga. Ver ficha. Epub Tales of the rabbis. Abstract The story of the Hebrew tale in the Middle Ages begins from the moment in which it conquers an independent position in the field of literature and reaches the category of literary work. An invented Sefarad? Abstract In An invented Sefarad? Clinical cases of evaluation, diagnosis and intervention in mental health. Castillo Garayoa. Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Mariano rated it really liked it Jul 30, Juampa rated it liked it Jan 20, Rafael Hernandez Barros rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Supercalifragilisticoexpialidoso marked it as to-read Aug 20, Cayetana Carrillo marked it as to-read Oct 07, Mariana marked it as to-read Dec 09, Juan Acevedo Habeych marked it as to-read Jan 07, Ale Gil marked it as to-read Jan 29, Marcela Parada added it Jul 16, Pilar marked it as to-read Feb 11, Spanish subtitled version of "Los Laureles Canyon".

Atmospheric aerosols and their affect our the environment. Las criaturas animales y su desempeno en la biodiversidad en el estado de California: Flash Video Spanish. When Things Get Small - Spanish subtitled version. Haciendo la universidad una realidad. Research plans and policy issues with problem.

Chemistry and physics behind the nanosensors.