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For Fadi it happened when he got in trouble for tackling Jack at lunchtime.

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Spinning out of Jack by Tony Wilson, Fadi gets his own For Ethan it happened when he thought his best friend didn't like him anymore. Ethan is not just bookish - he's book-obsessed, For Sean it happened starting at a new school. Stuff Happens. Stuff Happens series. Stuff Happens: Tom Pat Flynn Stuff Happens is an important new series for boys aged between 7 and 11 about everyday challenges.

Stuff Happens: Michael Phillip Gwynne 4 boys, 4 stories, 4 great Australian writers in an important new series. Stuff Happens: Sean Will Kostakis 4 boys, 4 stories, 4 great Australian writers in an important new series.

Read review. You must try to guess the number on the card by pointing to a space in your line of cards where the new card would fit in order.

For instance, if your situation is that you superglued your hand to your face Misery Index — If you make an incorrect guess, the next player gets a chance at collecting your card and placing it in their row. They also have the information you just gave up with your incorrect guess! Each person gets a chance at winning the card in order until it gets around to the person who originally read the card. If this happens, the card is simply discarded from the game and no one takes it.

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The first person to build their row to ten cards immediately wins Stuff Happens! As with its adult version, Stuff Happens supports two or more players and more is certainly merrier. None of the examples are vulgar or adult-themed, but may be a little bit disgusting to think about.

David Hare’s Stuff Happens a Dramatic Journey of American War on Iraq

Perfect for the younger crowd who enjoys a good poop joke! Currently only available at Walmart and Walmart.

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