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In the dried out lagoons there are arrowheads of the natives who were slaughtered by the soldiers less than a century ago, the kids climb a cliff on which there was a pillbox… The characters of a story appear in another one, from another perspective. The three brothers stories are meant to be episodes of a series which explores this mysterious and little known world.

Esther Cross was born in Buenos Aires in She studied Literature and received his BA in Psychology. She is a writer and translator. Then the house, and everything around it, came to life. As if my father was sure. They walked into the house together, as one, and they jammed at the door. Then my mother. All three of them looked down. My father shook my elder brother by the shoulders. My youngest brother stepped aside, with his hands in his pockets.

But he could not hold back a tear. He talked to him, trying to get the boy to look in his eyes. My mother hurried to the phone and called the father of the Latour brothers. The Latour brothers and my brothers were not very close. But they still played together from time to time. The Latours were our neighbors, and the families kept running into one another —on the road, in town, at the La Rodada restaurant on Sunday nights— until one. He came in his pickup truck, after his ride around the estate, with his two children and the dog in the back.

That was the combination. The Latour boys and my brothers looked alike, like the sons of mothers who buy the same kind of clothes. My mother used to dress my brothers up in clothes that copied those of English boys. The mother of the Latours went into town and bought clothes that copied the clothes my mother bought for my brothers — the Latours hardly ever travelled to Buenos Aires.

The boys got along rather well. They had a similar gait, with moves that walking around the countryside —jumping across fences, stepping hard and cautiously, stopping to listen— had stamped on their heads. But there were differences. My brothers knew about jets, building blocks and collectible picture cards.

The other difference was that they did not have a sister. I had no double in that mirror. They found him lying under a tree. Blood was trickling down his nose.

Politics and Public Space in Contemporary Argentine Poetry

He was face up. His white skin was soiled with dirt. His head was tilted to one side. He seemed asleep. But there was something strange. As if he was sleeping in a sleep of subtle alteration. An impossible sleep, from another planet. Perhaps from a planet where nobody was ever awake. He had snapped his neck. And his mouth was open, as if he had not finished what he was about to say, or as if surprise had been the last word he spoke in his life.

Since we were all quiet, every movement seemed slower and the noises from the kitchen were too clear. Nobody explained anything to me but I understood all too well what was going on tragic events are clear and exact. But when somebody talked to any of them —the maid asked them whether they wanted something to drink, my mother asked them where they had left the horses— it was as if the three of them were but one person. Six eyes and one mouth, shut. That afternoon, grown-ups seemed bigger and their voices boomed with excessive might. The voices of the men carried from the woodland to the house.

We could hear the name of the boy.

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They were crying out his name, surely funneling their hands. Then the worst happened. The mother of the boy had not obeyed her husband. Rather than staying at home, waiting for news as it got darker and the rooms grew larger like shadows, she had come. We heard the sound of wheels on the path, preceded by a dog. Latour got out of a jeep. The foreman of her ranch had driven her over.

Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

My mother squeezed her hands and walked out to receive her. I saw them through the window. The woman looked dead straight at her. My mother ran her hands through Mrs. She sat on the armchair, with her eyes open. I think she never blinked. The horse showed up in the sheds, foaming at the mouth and with bulging eyes, before the men returned from the woodland with the body of the boy.

It was a rather fat horse. The journeymen called him Coffee, but we did not like that name. We switched names each summer, depending on the books we read or the films or series we watched. He showed up running through the sheds, with his tack loose and a frenzied face. Campello, the horsebreaker, who had stayed just in case, grabbed him by the reins. Then he unsaddled him, hosed him down and let him go. Campello was sure he had been whipped or scared off. He was so tame it was impossible to imagine him running away. But on that day I discovered that even the calmest creature can go crazy.

That was what had happened. And he was quite a sight. He tossed his head. He kicked at the floor. He pulled his head back as if someone was trying to kill him. But the water and finding himself in a familiar place calmed him down. Or perhaps it was not that. Perhaps horses have no memory. What happened a while ago is one thing and what is happening now is something else. When Campello let him go, the horse rolled in the dirt, as he always does, to dry himself and then ran off.

A short dash and then a halt. Again and again. Nothing out of the ordinary. That was his afternoon routine, when he was let loose. But that was not a regular afternoon. The kid who had ridden him was dead, lying in the woodland. Mute forever. Like the horse, my brothers and his brother. That was it. He had lost his life.

On one hand we had the body of the youngest of the Latours, and on the other hand we had the graveyard silence of his brother and my brothers. First we heard the dogs. When Latour walked into the house, his wife looked at him. It was as if they had been alone. Latour shook his head, staring at the floor.

His wife held her head in her hands. My father came in through the kitchen door. He covered it with a jacket. It was no longer necessary, but they still called the doctor. That afternoon, my mother had told me to let the boys go play alone. I had to understand. Sometimes the boys wanted to play on their own. I took offense. I also realized that they were right. We had tea together. Then I saw them move, in haste, around the house, like boys do when they are about to go somewhere together. They were organizing themselves, as if they were a body. When they closed the mosquito net, it was a little less hot already.

Latour went to the hall by the entrance and then we heard the scream. It was the first. And then you lost count. It felt like a single scream, which stopped when she had to breathe in to carry on. She screamed many times. They were empty screams. My brothers stared at each other and the oldest of the Latour boys closed his eyes.

The screams bounced against the walls and so did Mrs. Latour, or at least it felt as if she was doing that down at the hall. We heard thuds, the voices of my father and Mr. Latour calling her by her name. Latour was unreachable. The doctor arrived and even though he knew the boy had died he ran into the house. There was nothing he could do for the boy, but he cared for the mother. We saw them walking her to the jeep.

Her husband was holding her by the waist. He set her on the front seat and walked inside again, looking for his eldest son. He was going to take care of the paperwork with my father, and the Latour boy had to return home with his mother. He told him as if it were an order, but we also understood that if he went he ould be doing his father a favor, andbesides he was going to take care of his mother for the first time in his life. The boy was wearing a blue T-shirt. His face was soiled with dirt, with the dried tracks of his tears. His father grabbed him by the shoulders to take him outside.

My brother and the boy looked at each other. Had the horse freaked out at something they did. Maybe they had stepped on a dried branch and that had scared the animal. Or had they fought and hit the horse with their riding whip? And what if the boy had run away like that because he had done something to them?

On that day, the resemblance between my brothers and the Latour boys broke like a spell but something stronger than the spell bound them, even though they never played together again. I was fortunate to realize it was best not to ask my brothers any questions. I would have hit the silence of truth. This story published in an Argentinean writers anthology titled Stories to the South of the World by the National Reading Program of the Ministry of Education of Argentina for Frankfurt Book Fair and has been reviewed by the author for this new edition.

Cosa succede quando scompare qualcuno di caro? Difficilmente decide di occuparsi delle ripercussioni che eventi di questa portata hanno sulle vite dei singoli. A farle da contraltare Rossana, troppo bella per essere vera, che scompare portandosi dietro alcuni segreti e la sua aura di fascino. I tre scopriranno che fine ha fatto Rossana quando avranno portato a termine il loro percorso di crescita.

Elsa Osorio was born in Buenos Aires in She studied literature at the university and since then she worked as a writer, journalist and scriptwriter. From to she took part in different symposiums and fairs worldwide. In she was writer in residence at Literatur Raum project in Berlin. In she debuted with the volume of short stories Ritos privados, for which she was awarded with the most prestigious literature prize of the country.

She published then Beatriz Guido , a novel about the writer's life, and a collection of political and linguistic essays entitled Las malas lenguas. Her sixth novel, A veinte anos, Luz , was acclaimed on the international scene and won the Amnesty International's literary prize, it was translated into more than fifteen languages, and published in twenty-three countries.

The novel is still on the bookstores shelves as a long seller. A veinte anos, Luz deals with a dark chapter of the Argentinean history. Another prevailing theme in Osorio's work is tango, which she focused on in the novel Cielo de tango which received the Biblioteche di Roma award for foreign literature in For this novel she received also the Italian Acerbi award in and is a long seller too.

Her last novel is La Capitana Captain Mika , Web site www. On the other hand, a writer as Elsa Osorio who chases for years, with awe and admiration, the adventurous existential and political trajectory of Mika, transforming it into a novel. This book is a dialogue at a distance, a tribute to an extraordinary woman, forgotten by official history, the only woman who during the Spanish Civil War led a militia against Franco.

The couple, facing the challenge of supporting the struggles of the working class, will move from Paris to a frozen Berlin since the advent of Nazism, and finally, in , the Spanish Civil War. Not practical to military strategies, barely able to shoot, Mika unwittingly finds herself in the rifle, winning the mistrust of men and gaining the title of "captain", along with the estimate and the unconditional support of her troop, which she led in a daring escape out of the cathedral of Siguenza besieged until reunification with the rest of the army.

A story that enlights all. A valuable document, full of dates, names, notes figures. To do this she makes use of clever space-times jumps and of an accomplished chorus of voices, figures who speak and display a huge recitative power. Elsa Osorio writes to correct that mistake. Memory does not impede tenderness.

She has got a sharp sense for emblematic situations where the persistence of the political past is reflected on the present. And she writer: she deeply penetrates and masters the art of does it with stories written in different moments. El hombre de telling stories. The feeling of hope, of a way out, despite the suffering, the pain and the loss thing recovered its identity and face But all of them, although remains.

Hence the title of this book, Dead end with an exit , is thus the triumph of literature in its noblest sense: thanks to it, the reality, even in its most sordid and disturbing message becomes a relief to all those who, for political or personal issues had to toggle themselves and had no salvation. Brigitte Preisler, Berliner Zeitung - Germany. Year At Le Latina, a milonga in Paris, Ana and Luis cross their paths by chance during a tango, they are descendants of two families whose fates are intertwined: Ana is French and dances tango with the same passion with which she rejects his father's country: Argentina.

Luis is from Buenos Aires and is traveling through Paris, to leave behind an economic and creative crisis. Cielo de Tango reconstructs the history of Argentina in the last century through the saga of two Creole families, at the ends of the social scale. While Ana and Luis collaborate to make a movie about tango, it starts a love story full of struggles, joys and betrayals, and dangerous and sensual dances. Is Tango himself that speaks to the characters, facing and encouraging and challenging them, that gets excited and vibrates with them.

The author makes it possible for multiple narrative voices of the dead and the living to show the flow of life of men and women, two families and a divided society that gets reunited with a dance. Osorio says that her subject is the regaining of the collective memory. Nevertheless, at the same time, freedom of fiction is so important to her that she has created, with a special pleasure, an "ideal orchestra" with the great musicians of the past.

Osorio's ideal orchestra plays such music that it's as if we have heaven on earth. Elsa Osorio enlightens trough tango and fiction the genesis of the complex identity of the Argentinean. Tango, social revolt and economic expansion A risky bet that reaches a high level in Elsa Osorio's hand. By using tango as the thread that tells the saga of four generations, the author allows us to embark on a dance we wish will never end. Like the former works of Elsa Osorio, Cielo de Tango unfolds itself over various temporal planes and tells about two families of differing social backgrounds whose lives are intertwined through tango, beginning with the rise of Argentina in the late eighteenth century and leading up to the present day.

The narrative technique of this novel, which also describes the history of tango, is adopted from the movements of the dance itself: it moves forwards, backwards and sideways, and then changes direction. Twenty-year-old Luz, an Argentinian, is on holiday in Madrid with her husband and new-born son. But secretly she has a mission - to find her real father.

Carlos was a 'desaparecido' - one of the many political activists in Argentina who literally 'disappeared' during the country's brutal military dictatorship in the seventies - while her mother, a political prisoner, was killed trying to flee the country. As a baby, Luz was secretly adopted by a wealthy couple, unaware of her true origins.

My Name is Light is a gripping, emotionally charged book, a powerful story about a young girl's quest to find her identity and to uncover the deadly secrets of one of Argentina's darkest periods. To further understand the nature of the criminal actions that took place during the dictatorship in Argentina, but more importantly, it should be read for what it is: a novel of human and literary magnificence. An overwhelming story driven by a multiple narrative that maintains its vitality. A story of courage and emotion, a search for identity.

A book truly worth reading. I was truly impressed and I have to admit, I wept. In it, we connect with our history. However, Osorio never incurs in an easy opinionated black versus white. She understands that in Argentina, lies and truth are very much connected. The book is moderately optimistic: as optimistic as it can get after the things that happened. And this is why it is conventional narrative, but it is also against conventional narrative, thought, emotion and poetics. Containing a plot that is shocking and witty, this is not a novel to be read, it is to be devoured. In Ha vinte anos, Luz, Elsa Osorio grabs readers by the neck and tells them of a dramatic ordeal that people have begun to talk of only recently: young people in search of their own identity.

Elsa Osorio proves to be excellent at suspense. Since , he has been employed at the Recognitions and prizes University of Copenhagen, while concurrently editing periodicals. Jacobsens for head of the publishing house Mentunargrunnur non-frction Studentafelagsins. Jacobsens for found his way to a broader audience, and ever since, he has been the top selling his work at the Faroese publication author in the Faroe Islands. Especially the eight books about Hannis Martinsson, a house Mentunargrunnur reporter and consultant, have consolidated his reputation, and in In he began a new series with police prosecutor William Hammer as the main character.

English version of Krossmessa was published at the beginning of February Isbn: Murdering at the desk is an overview with images and pictures of the most important crime authors and novels. Jogvan Isaksen tells us about the world of crime fiction writers and their characters in more than portraits from Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie to Raymond Chandler, from Patricia Highsmith to Michael Connelly, with a particular attention to the books with nordic countries setting and authors from those lands.

The first volume was published in and was the overall bestseller in the Faroe Islands, the second is going to be published in November. William Hammer is born in the Faroe Islands, at the age of 20 he joined the Danish army and became a green beret in a combat support regiment. After ten years of service in ex Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan he left the army, studied law and for some years he worked for the Danish intelligence service.

After an unhappy incident he was sent back to his native. There he is joined by two likewise unpopular young police officers, a woman and a man who are both homosexuals and are considered kind of a black sheep by the colleagues. The relationship between them and Hammer is stormy a harsh, but they will begin to know each other and work together fine. The name origins from that they are only given completely hopeless cold cases, which noone expects them to solve. The second novel about the police prosecutor Willam Hammer is in the pipeline.

An accident, according to the police report. A few days later her boyfriend Hugo breaks his neck falling down the basement stairs.

The Lyric and the State

Grafrt — Egypt and arabic speaking countries rights sold to Sphynx. It is exactly what the reporter Hannis Martinsson ask himself, so he began to find out what an anchorwoman, a young hobo, a payroll accountant and a christian newspaper columnist had in commons. Krossmessa Red Mass. The news travels fast around the world and many animal welfare organizations are ready to rise up against the traditional Faroese whaling. Former journalist and current "consultant" Hannis Martinsson receives a visit by Mark Robbins, a member of the english environmental organization Guardians of the Sea.

The man asks Martinsson to help him fo find out who killed the two environmentalists and why. Martinsson is not thrilled to be working for a foreign organization but he is a fierce opponent of the Grindadrap, so he accepts to help Mr. Robbins and the Guardians of the Sea A frrst prologue tells of a crusader who survived the Muslims occupation of Malta, a second one tells the wreckage of a British transport ship, which sank in in the Faroe Islands. Shortly before Christmas Hannis Martinsson is contacted by a spokeperson of the Grand Master of the Order of Malta who offers him a job.

Metusalem Matusalem. It is immediately dubbed Methuselah by the people which began soon to guess about which ancient Viking king it could be. But not all are certain that the skeleton comes from the Viking Age. Our protagonist, journalist and consultant Hannis Martinsson receives a call from a retired fisherman who claims that it could the skeleton of his brother, who disappeared without a trace in Although Hannis is not convinced that he will succeed in finding something after all these years, he takes on the task.

Soon he finds himself in a web of unanswered questions and trails of death. He was chained to the rocks on the beach and drowned when the flood came. An unusually grisly murder. Die besten Kriminalgeschicten aus Skandinavien. Translated into German by Christel Hildebrandt. In he published the first essay about Marvel Comics and begins to write stories and scripts for the world of comics including Iberia Inc. His work was noticed in the United States by Marvel who commissioned him to write some adventures of the Inhumans and the Fantastic 4. From to , he worked as a novelist, essayist and translator and editor of the magazine "Yellow Kid" and created the comic series 12 del Doce.

He is currently considered one of the most important and versatile authors of the genre in the Spanish scene. Crime novel - adventure An ancient manuscript found in a safe deposit box reveals an incredible story: a street urchin in London in the early twentieth century began to collaborate with none other than Sherlock Holmes, becoming one of the Baker Street irregulars, a small army of informers on the payroll of the famous detective. Thrown in adventures beyond imagination from the basement of Chinatown on the trail of Fu Manchu up to the legendary Swiss villa where Mary Shelley give birth to Frankenstein, trying to rescue Albert Einstein from a secrete sect, Charlie still dreams of being an actor Sci-Fi The novel that was the watershed for Spanish science fiction.

An epic song with the imagery of space opera. Third Middle Ages: humanity languishes on the old land while the ships of the Guild go to the conquest of other planetary systems. The alien worlds are devastated and exploited to the bone in the name of human expansion into space. The military exploits are sung by bards that properly distort the truth about the wars and turn human atrocities into epic Fantasy - Adventure The civil war is about to overwhelm the lands surrounding the Sea of Swords and destroying the covenant which for centuries has maintained peace and brings prosperity to the merchant realms that overlook the ocean.

Only a hero can give an end to the chaos and restore the balance between the forces involved. La ciudad enmascarada Masked City , Ajec. Thriller - Horror Mardi Gras is coming and the city of Cadiz is ready for the festivities. A coronary dysfunction has forced to retirement professor and former writer Gabriel Amador. Now he is a sad man that drag himself through the streets and along the days. One night, a mysterious Arab beggar give him a strange gift: the mother-of-pearl eye of an antique doll.

When the beggar commits suicide an hour later, Gabriel falls prey to a series of nightmares in which he sees submerged civilization and hears echoes of other worlds and eras, prayers to forgotten deities that no human tongue could pronounce the names Entangled without his knowledge in a web that involves cursed poets, decaying former models, small time crooks, serial killers, underground cults that date back to the dawn of time. And in the eternal struggle between sea and sky Gabriel Amador find that there are worse horrors than solitude and boredom.

The carnival is coming and the city puts the mask on Or takes it away. Piel de fantasma short stories Skin of ghost - Ajec. Stories that combine mystery and fantastic, creating a universe where everything is possible. Adventure - Children The novel tells the story of a young Inca and his father - a powerful conqueror - of a cultured Indio and his black slave who carries tattooed the map of the legendary Mountains of the Throne, in which is told to live the pumaface men whose priests operate miracles during the ceremonies of the sun.

An adventure where myth and legends of the conquest of the Americas will become reality: the glint of gold is mixed with the one of steel and the thirst for knowledge. The story as it was, but as it should be. Ozymandias short stories Ozymandias , La Calle de la Costa. Fantastic - Horror - Adventure In this collection of twelve stories, fantasy and reality collide and meet. We will see a conversation that could change history, the dilemma of a detective in front of the edge of the world, the pain of a superhero and the burdens of everyday life.

In fact, one Sunday in the month of July in the year of grace , failing to recover from an injury to the neck, el Cid died.

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Cyberpunk - Noir Amsterdam in the near future: Netherlands is dictatorially controlled by a computer. Ebenezer Steel survives as a private detective who slips into a too larger case for him. Noir A former and a bit foolish boxer that does not distinguish the right from the left side and suffers from amnesia is forced to become a detective.

With its more capacious bag goes in search, dumpster by dumpster, of the pathos that everyday life has taken away from him a long time ago. A visceral noir, dark-hued but full of humor. His name is not Sam Spade, he never went looking for a falcon of gold or precious jewels, he did not even have a p. Torre, the protagonist of "Detective sin licencia" is the antithesis of everything that a character in a noir should be, and the least important thing in this novel is precisely the investigation. What matters are the characters, their interactions, places and situations that make the reader the first accomplice.

A totally atypical and surprising novel that breaks the mold, which does not mean that there is no plot, a compelling story and an incredibly surprising ending. Los espejos turbios Murky mirrors. Noir During the Christmas party, the clumsy Angelito Fiestas is a witness to a crime lord in the bathrooms of the University.

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  8. Angelito asks for help to the only detective who knows and who could give him a hand, the former boxer who suffers from amnesia: Torre. Rights available worldwide. Berazachussetts is a narrative puzzle in which all the pieces are put together step by step towards a unique apocalyptic final. The situations and characters are sketched with a sense of humor without ever losing credibility.

    Similarly, the final apocalyptic inundation works as a total ethics clean-up worthy of the great flood. ISBN In a world dominated by a telecommunication company, customers must affiliate with it, pay huge fees and allow the inspection of all their actions and private business. The company offers to the customers some discount if they host some prisoner. The daily relationships between the improvised guards and the prisoners, develop into a stifling atmosphere where the radiation emanated by a monstrous antenna fries the air, everyone could be a rat and the Big Brother watches you from the screen of your phone… The first story tells about a guard who falls in love with her prisoner and has to rescue him from the aim of his wife; the second one is about an unbeaten wrestler who takes an impossible dare; the third one is about a scientist, whose work is to downsize heads, who tries to train a little girl who feeds on human flesh; the last one tells about a doll left by a kid in a no man's land that triggers a series of mysterious events.

    As journalist he works and lives in Buenos Aires. In , he was a guest of the Salon du livre de Paris and in the 14th edition of the festival Imaginales. The four short novels are connected, and even if they cover different genres from dystopia to crime fiction, situations and characters are meant to be read together in a sort of charming downward spiral.

    The french edition includes another unpublished short story. ISBN: The fleet of infidels stretches to the horizon, imposing, majestic, terrifying. Faced with such a spectacle, doubt creeps up on the spirit; muscles tense, mouths dry up, throats close. The Ottoman warriors scream to intimidate their enemy; the deafening banging of shields reveals the presence of the much-feared Janissaries.

    The noise of the Turkish ships is so terrifying that it chills the hearts of the Christians and drowns out the thundering of the sea. There, in front of our eyes, lies the Sultana, the flagship where Captain Ali Pacha is flying the banner of Allah The Victorious to challenge the cross. In the face of a show like this certainties falter but, just as spirits are wavering and discouragement is growing among the Christian warriors, Don John of Austria appears.

    He is nobility incarnate. He has set aside his armor and put on full regalia, his sword at his waist. He dances a galliard to instill calm in his men. A thousand voices respond in unison: "Long live Spain, long live Spain! The galleys of Venice, commanded by the Bragadinos, seek to avenge their brother, recently martyred by the Turks at Famagusta.

    A swarthy sergeant of the Spanish infantry, with little in the way of fortune but a true talent with words, witnesses the battle. He would later describe it as "the greatest occasion in centuries past and in those to come". Cervantes would also later say that he lost his left hand not in a tavern brawl but at this great battle, where the fate of Christianity was at stake. The cross prevailed over the Ottoman crescent and the Catholic faith over Muslim heresy. Even God took sides in the battle, and informed Saint Pius V of the victory.

    That was the battle of Lepanto. Approached from the fashion. Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers.

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