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Why we'd think that the Ark site was not known to the Patriarchs is patently unexplainable. This photo was from before the earthquake that caused the site to 'self-excavate', with the soils around the hull dropping away some twenty feet. A thin spear-shaped outcropping of rock, jutting into the figure in repose with a heart shaped rock protruding approximately where a heart would be, marking the end of the spear outcrop, poses profound prophetic considerations of a future 'Savior' of humanity being speared in the heart.

Further, an artifact discovered in the 's in ancient mounds in Ohio, closely replicates this same figure, within a small version of similar ancient burial crypts, common in the Ark area, with the Ten Commandments carved into its rim, suggests ancient peoples who came to the North American continent millennia ago had an awareness of the Ark site. The booklet also considers the Great Mount Ararat itself, the favored area of speculative focus of many dedicated Ark hunters, and the serious improbabilities of it being a reasonable landing site.

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Stories of it being in 'glacial ice' are also evaluated for their impracticality. Remains of the "covering", many huge nearby anchor stones and semi-petrified metal fittings that litter the site fill out the evidence of this being the true remains of the 4,year old Ark.

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A companion booklet, not available on-line, which documents the Necropolises of Naxuan and Seron may be requested. While the material Universe is our most tangible reality, there is also a Spirit World, created of and by the omnipresent Spirit of God! While the modern theologian considers the Nature of God under conceptualizations developed sixteen centuries ago, we find what was intended to be a unifying consensus, to be a powerfully divisive factor.

Many who strive to understand the profound nature of the Creator of the Universe find themselves confounded by those Orthodox Doctrines put forth in the early centuries of the Christian era. This booklet is designed to acquaint the sincere seeker of Truth and Understanding with information not related in typical church denominations. Most rest comfortably, taking the position that we need not attempt to resolve the difficulties ourselves, as our esteemed theologians have those matters well covered. Most disciples of Christ are not aware that the Trinitarian View, as presented in the modern era, IS NOT the same belief system as was originally put forth beginning in the late third and fourth centuries.

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The Trinitarian View developed over time. Do we fathom this profound declaration? This booklet will step away from conventional explanations and acquaint the reader with a broader set of considerations. It accounts for the existence of the vast universe and all that is in it, not only its existence, but its continuing sustenance.

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We will also consider life and consciousness, as we possess these qualities, as manifestations of the Spirit of God. Not only physical life, but a higher level of living interaction with and by that sustaining Spirit Power, which opens to us the prospect of being re-generated into His own progeny, character reproductions of Himself, with the promise of fully entering the Spirit dimension in due time. This mortal may put on immortality, provided that certain conditions are met! This booklet is intended to acquaint sincere believers with information not usually discussed in established church denominations.

What of those worshippers who are benignly ignorant of what the Bible actually says on a number of key teachings? It is these that this booklet seeks to inform and to motivate. As an explanation of the reason for taking such an approach as this booklet does is that oftentimes, as we read with riveted fascination, we don't always realize that there has been a pause in the sequential narrative, or a set-back in time in order to further explain one of the scenes previously presented.

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This can cause us to lose our place as to where we are in the prophetic story flow. It is hoped that this booklet will help enhance understanding of what was penned by the beloved Elder Apostle. Below is a spectacular map of the Milky Way that is allowing astronomers to study the cold universe, which is the gas and dust that are only a few tens of degrees above absolute zero. Music: Johan B. Monell www. Additional Study Aids.

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