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The Taliban has accepted its invite to the Moscow format of Afghan Reconciliation , which may be a first step in some sort of peace in Afghanistan. Russia has been quietly building its relations with the Afghanistan government and the Taliban for several years, in order to protect Russian citizens who still reside in Afghanistan after the Soviet Union withdrew, as well as protecting Russian interests throughout the Middle East.

Afghanistan is riddled with terrorist groups, waging what seem like a never ending insurgency in the country. The Moscow talks are a chance at diplomacy and for the Taliban to be part of the national reconciliation efforts. The prolonging of a ceasefire between Afghan governmental forces and the Taliban, is another goal of the meeting. A ceasefire was established on Monday and is expected to last until the 19 November, to mark the upcoming Eid al-Adha Muslim holiday. The New Development Bank NDB has now made itself available to fund non-member countries as a source for public-private projects.

Both Angola and Mozambique are seeking opportunities to diversify their access to sources of funding for investment projects. Landers said that the NBD can back private and public projects through loans, guarantees, shareholdings and other financial instruments. The loan will be used for a project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to develop the energy sector. The Russians are represented by the Sukhoi aircraft manufacturers and Indians are represented by Hindustan Aeronautics in the project. The plans for expansion of the pipeline has led to delays and environmental protests, which affected the US refinement industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Canada and Alaska are the main sources of oil for the Pacific Northwest refineries, and as a result of shipment delays coming from Canada, the refineries have started purchase oil from Russia. An oil ship tanker flying a Portuguese flag, has already delivered Russian crude oil to the States of Washington and Oregon.

Nigeria’s Biggest Corporations: A Pan-Nigerian View To The World

The Pacific Northwest may also increase its purchase of Russian crude oil, due to the declining oil production in Alaska. The delivery of crude oil via railway was also rejected by the State of Washington governor, because of the safety standards of crude-oil-railway transportation, as opposed to other methods of transporting crude.

The Pacific Northwest may however, suffer further losses in crude oil delivery as the US congress is discussing new sanctions on Russian crude oil and oil products. The new sanctions imposed against a Russian firm and an individual over North Korea may undermine the peace process in the Korean Peninsula, the Russian foreign ministry on Thursday. The United States imposed fresh sanctions on a Russian port service agency and Chinese firms for aiding North Korean ships and selling alcohol and tobacco to Pyongyang in breach of U. S Sanctions. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the U. Security Council and its Sanctions Committee related to North Korea , is only able to undermine the progress which has been made recently towards the settlement.

Currency exchange rates in USD on July 4, Source: tass. Source: Russia Today. By: Kgothatso Nkanyane. Source: Modern Diplomacy. Source: sputniknews. Source: Sputnik International. Manger researched the behavioural capacities of cetaceans mammals that live in water. His findings, published in the peer-reviewed journal Neuroscience in , indicate that there is no scientific evidence to support the populist take on cetacean intelligence.

Dolphin behaviour, in a broad comparative sense, is not special. The OBE is the order of chivalry of British democracy. He is a dancer, anthropologist, singer, songwriter, academic, activist and French knight. In a career spanning 30 years, he has campaigned against apartheid and become a cultural ambassador for the new South Africa. The Wits Anthropology alumnus has packed venues worldwide. Half-a-million and a whole lot of hope One donor proved to be the tipping point for the 1million1month campaign. Basetsana Thokoane donated R , the amount required to reach the R1-million target before the upfront payment registration deadline.

Her motivation to donate was driven by empathy. She was born in Soweto and was herself no stranger to socio-economic hardships. I was a dropout with no matric; the country was at the height of instability.

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Thokoane rose to the challenge and prospered. Today she represents a company based in France and Abu Dhabi. She says she cannot live amidst the poverty in South Africa simply because she herself has achieved. The benevolence of others taught me that one cannot be an island in a sea of poverty. A creative child, he was an accomplished Flamenco and tap dancer by the age of His decision. As a creative student in a more analytical medical environment, Davidoff struggled to make sense of the bits as they related to the whole.

Common Vein methodically advances the student from simplicity to complexity. It demonstrates how the whole is bigger than the parts. Since , Davidoff has presented award-winning demonstrations of The Common Vein. Annually he presents one organ at a national radiology meeting. Add to this public humiliation, which psychologists say is worse.

I lost everything and the whole slut-shaming thing destroyed me to a cellular level. The person from whom she most wanted to hear these words was the late Sunday Times Editor, Tertius Myburgh, a giant of a newspaper man who made her great and made her go. Jani was indelibly inked as the tart who was said to have slept with the racist buffoon in ragged green underpants.

I suspect the answer is that she remains a mirage; a different mirage from the s version, but a mirage nevertheless. Today she is the everywoman who shifts between the humble waitress in the fine-dining restaurant and the eloquent by-line queen who once had a spectacular fall. Swallow adoration with circumspection During the two weeks she spent in South Africa for her book launch, Jani was consummately re-famed, courted, wined and dined, offered jobs and asked to return.

Far from it, I live in a tiny rented flat, I drive a little yellow VW that is so old it has a cassette tape recorder, and I work very hard as a waitress. She hopes that people will now finally stop asking her, and that instead they will buy her book to read the details. The reward you get for serving. Jani also recognises parts of her old self in the women who dine at the restaurant. Opposite page: Jani in Lambertville, New Jersey, where she works as a waitress in a fine-dining restaurant.

The depths of adornment and delusion in which people indulge bemused her. They talk about their art collections and the different levels of security they have at their homes, and how everything in South Africa is just wonderful. I am at that point. For now she is happy in Lambertville, which, mind you, Forbes magazine rates as one of the prettiest towns in America. What would she have done differently in her life so far, given the chance?

All of which is discussed in her book. A brain in a bell jar Would she get into a relationship again? God no, relationships are like eating lobster — too much effort for too little reward. I loved being a student. Painting music was T. Rex, the Beatles and Pink Floyd. There were parties at communes in Parktown, Melville or Houghton. Indian kurtas. There are paintings about the construction and confusion of contemporary urban life, but there are also paintings about the pleasures of being alive, pleasures that crowd in upon the pessimism everywhere and refuse to be ignored.

Saturdays on request. Admission free. Donations encouraged. Refer to website for public rates. He has been doing this for the past 20 years. Recently appointed to the national coaching commission by Athletics South Africa ASA , Mayer has been outspoken about the tragic neglect of coaches and coaching structures required to mentor and motivate talent from grassroots level across South Africa.

We will not produce champions unless there are committed, skilled coaches to guide them. But this time, a Wits Full Blue athletics alumnus is in the hot seat, alongside four other coaches. And he has a driving ambition to be the change he wants to see in the world. As a Wits student Mayer excelled at his academic studies and as an athlete at both provincial and national levels, particularly in the 1 metre and cross-country races.

He has trained young athletes from Alex for the past 20 years. The men and women both won team bronze, achieving the best combined result for Wits in the competition for 50 years. The team was all white because black students at the time adopted a non-participation policy in all Wits sport in protest against apartheid. Since his student days Mayer has been a champion of non-racial sport and offered free athletics coaching to young people from.

From to , in addition to practising full-time as a labour lawyer, he was the head athletics coach at the Wanderers Club, during which period the club won every sub-marathon team title available to it.


List of voice actors

The Wanderers was the closest decent athletics track to Alexandra at the time. Mayer himself runs 60km — 90km a week on the Alex track and on the trails near his home in Kyalami. It details the achievements of several South African athletes whose greatness was born of resilience of character and determination to succeed, despite material poverty and hardships. His record for the 10 metres of Few universities can boast the lineup of distance legends who have run in the Wits gold and blue. Today, Mayer is mentor to a fleet of young runners, as is Wits postgraduate and 1 metre runner Marko Bucarizza, with whom he collaborates.

I also believe in having an open club to share the knowledge and skills with the broader community. This way you promote engaged research and performance. You not only attract and develop student athletes, you also attract athletes of the calibre of Matthews Motshwarateu, who used to train at Wits with Ian Gentles.

He is the only uncapped player included in the squad. He earned his place in the national side by virtue of his sterling performances with the Bizhub Highveld Lions this past season.

Simon Kimbangu and the B.M.S. Tradition in: Journal of Religion in Africa Volume 17 Issue 2 ()

He is an alumnus of the Wits School of Education and holds a first-class degree in intermediate and secondary phase teaching. She routinely posts. They connected with Phakeng on Facebook and asked if they could design an outfit for her — an astute marketing move as she is a showcase of. My career was made at Wits and I think I have a stunning. There is no doubt that I am a completely different person now because becoming what we lack changes. Phakeng is proud of her roots and she loves to go home to Ga-Rankuwa to see her old friends and spend time with her mother, Wendy Mmutlana, who is her inspiration and her role model in resilience.

She taught at a higher primary school until she retired. She makes a point of focusing on it as an African celebration and emphasises how wonderful it is to celebrate in a joyful African way. She is a B2 National Research Foundation-rated scientist She has been invited as a speaker and visiting professor at 33 international conferences and universities worldwide She has won several awards, including the CEO magazine award for being the most influential woman in education and training academic in Africa, and the National Science and Technology Forum award for being the most outstanding senior black female researcher over the last five to 10 years, in recognition of her innovative research into teaching and learning mathematics in multilingual classrooms She was elected as a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa in November If they do not feel this, then they get their degree and go, without giving back.

In she became the first South African black researcher to be appointed to co-chair a study commissioned by the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction on mathematics and language diversity. While English is the language of power, we have to be aware of the complexities of studying in English at university when it is not your first language. Today I encourage all students to do the same because this is their educational space to claim. Why is the language burden only.

Wits and Unisa get the most support because of her affinity with these two institutions. They told me that a Mr Damoyi from Durban wanted to fund a black student to study mathematics, and I was selected for this. Two awards of R10 each are made available each year to black South African women in the field of maths education at Wits to pursue their PhDs. Do you think the Internet threatens relationships? Technology has forced a rethink of traditional values of monogamy, commitment and sexual fidelity. To research Cyber Infidelity, I used www.

The members I surveyed, across gender and age, believed in these values. Cyberflirting, cybersexing and sexting improved their quality of life. Cyber infidelity is a new form of relationship. My book guides people in defining new relationship rules, including technology use, cyber infidelity and managing the integration of sex-tech into their lives. Healthcare providers receive limited training in sexual medicine, health and rights, and this inhibits their ability to provide holistic treatment. Chronic diseases and medications — particularly cancer treatment — impair sexual function.

This profoundly affects. Elderly people ask about sexual functioning and how they can sustain long term relationships. The need for a partner is a big push as one gets older. My research on Ashley Madison showed an increase. I train healthcare providers in sexual health medicine, management and therapeutic interventions.

In your blog www. Why do you condemn the film? It depicts an insanely wealthy young man who is manipulative, dominating and emotionally. Technology causes concerns about relationship status is this a hookup? I saw my first porn movie in first year on campus — it was Debbie does Dallas. It was a heady time of. He was on the SRC and studying for a Diploma in Education when he was expelled in January under the Internal Security Act, on the grounds that he was a threat to state security. They found their way to the student support centre With the cleaners looking after their bags, they found their way to Dr Nico Cloete, who was the Director of the Careers and Counselling Centre at Wits he is now the.

While she encouraged me to be. They were also given a place to stay at Glyn Thomas residence in the grounds of Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, which was the residence for black students at the time. He could also tell his mother that he was a Wits student. After a stimulating first year on campus, the tide turned on him in when he discovered that his politics would not be tolerated by the state on any campus. Once again, he was targeted as a threat. They kicked down my door and arrested me, along with a number of student activists from our res … Chris Ngcobo, Lawrence Boya, Pascal Moloi and others.

Each time we wrote something they. This is not acceptable. What a moment that was for me, being in the company of giants like Madiba and Oliver Tambo, who was also at that ceremony. We had sung so many songs about them and now I was having snacks with them on the 11th floor of Senate House. I stood in the corner admiring them. The annual award is made to scholars of the highest calibre who are engaged in pioneering, globally significant work that advances knowledge, teaching, research and development in South Africa.

Contestants had to complete acting challenges after which judges systematically eliminated them. Her acting technique across genres was judged impeccable. The year-old Boksburg resident won R , a weekend getaway, a management contract, a role in a South African feature film, and representation in Hollywood. He will serve a three-year term. The same year he received a Volunteer Award from Wits in recognition of his work promoting cycling.

He stood as the DA candidate for Gauteng Premier during the national election. Maimane is the first black man and the third Wits graduate to lead the DA. The award is made to a year-old whose actions promote South Africa as a dynamic country where youth can thrive and help improve the world. She received scholarships from Wits and the Gauteng Regional Observatory and participated in a scientific expedition to Antarctica.

In Msibi won a global competition hosted by the International Astronautics Conference, for her technical paper based on research in Antarctica. Dr Menter co-authored in Science in the first gene discovery for psoriasis. Leaders at the European Development Days, a regional development and international cooperation forum. Choonara, 25, debated consolidating efforts for a sustainable response to Ebola alongside three senior WHO officials in Brussels on 4 June. Ben Moolman BSc Mining was.

He is the first basic as opposed to applied scientist to preside. The Fellowships reward the contributions of non-UK architects to world.

Creating Postcolonial Literature

In she bought a young Thoroughbred off the track and later began breeding horses. Her passion for all things equine has endured and she has combined this with an interest in writing. Since she has written for HQ Magazine and edited its Thoroughbred pages. Her first novel, Fenella Kindle e-pub, , is a contemporary coming-of-age story set on a Thoroughbred racehorse stud in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

Sixteen-yearold Fenella Schmidt is orphaned and suddenly responsible for her penniless grandparents, so she accepts a job as stud assistant at Caversham Stud. She is persuaded to take on the job of farm knacker for increased wages. It took seven editors and 26 authors nine years to compile the page atlas, which contains the conservation status of the recognised species and subspecies found in these countries. Over individuals and 14 organisations contributed towards the records. The atlas contains the most up-to-date distribution maps for reptiles ever produced for the region.

The atlas and museum make an important contribution to the preservation and protection of reptiles in South Africa. The book takes the form of a memoir in which Clingman tells of being born with a birthmark under his right eye.

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When he was two the birthmark was removed, but the surgery affected his eyesight, and later the mark returned. In the book this disappearance and reappearance becomes a motif of memory. Birthmark also resonates more widely, because South Africa under apartheid was a country governed by divided vision and the markings of skin and birth. I was engrossed, challenged, moved. As a girl, Prof. She served on Senate and was a Wits benefactor.

She gained international recognition for her work on cholera and plague and the African viral haemorrhagic fevers. She caused controversy in for giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a dying black boy. In , Prof. Her formidable legacy prompted the award-winning actress Glenn Close whose father had run a clinic in Zaire to write to her about the possibility of a film about her life. Penny Siopis is a much acclaimed and well-loved South African artist. These essays are interspersed with a series of recorded and documented conversations between Olivier and Siopis.

There is further conversation between Siopis and William Kentridge about making movies, their friendship. Order Wits University Press publications online from www. The book is a high quality art volume, showing what a university press is capable of, and will become the standard reference on Siopis up to this point in her still productive career. Over works are illustrated here. Best of all, this volume allows the artist, editor and commentators to reflect on recurring. We learn much about Siopis in the studio and her working methods.

It is a rare treat and a brave step for an artist to reveal herself at a deep level and to share her work, her world and her life.

African Writers and British Publishers

This is a book about an artist, her career and the creative process. Johannesburg is a city of vast expanse and substance. Within its short history it has become the economic powerhouse of the subcontinent. It is a city that is changing rapidly and this book seeks to document what is happening right now and to place that change in a time context. How has the city fared since ? Over 40 academics, urban planners, urban analysts and policy makers have contributed to this major study, which has been four years in the making. Johannesburg has become a revitalised magnet for migrants and immigrants and the muchenlarged city is experiencing stresses and strains across its complex infrastructure and services.

These 34 essays draw together serious research on the physical form of the changing city across a diverse range of topics, mainly from sociological, planning and geographical perspectives.

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  • The book has been structured around three themes: macro trends in housing, transport, poverty, urban spaces , area-based transformations empirical case studies of the inner city, Yeoville,. The study dwells heavily on the problems of the city and its social and planning ills. I would have liked to see a few commissioned studies of the successful components of the city and examples of working economic transformations. Which businesses and economic activities drive the city?