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Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely. Book Description iUniverse. Seller Inventory ING Jean-Marc Lofficier. Trance from Andromeda is interesting in that it was to change her makeup design instead of her actress. Part way through season two she's replaced with a future version of herself who looks completely different even having a different skin colour , but she's still the same actress behind the makeup. She still does act fairly differently however presumably due to her being older and more mature than her previous self.

Indeed, the change is so convincing, and done in such a way that is seems like a straight-up example of the trope, you really have to go over the credits to convince yourself it's the same actress! Babylon 5 : Inverted at the end of Season 1.

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Delenn uses an ancient machine to transform herself into a being with both human and Minbari characteristics, radically changing her appearance, but is still played by the same actress. Babylon 5 also messed with the trope in a couple other ways. When the first actor to play Draal was unable to return due to illness, a new one was cast, the difference being remarked upon by Sheridan.

Delenn replies that the Great Machine had restored to him his youth and appearance of thirty years prior. When the original actress to play Anna Sheridan was unavailable, they recast her with the real-life wife of the actor playing her onscreen husband , and although the backstory involved would have made it ridiculously easy to hand-wave the change in appearance, they instead played it as The Other Darrin.

Fortunately, it was easy not to notice that it was a different actress. Helped that they had a convenient replay of the only scene Anna Sheridan had been in, with the new actress instead of the old. The characters migrate with actor availability as well JS becomes JS. German 90's TV show Balko used this. Following the departure of Jochen Horst, the first actor to play the main character, the next season started with a near fatal car accident, forcing the till then unseen character to undergo plastic surgery, turning him into new actor Bruno Eyron among the possible new faces given to choose from was also a famous German shepherd dog, ' Kommissar Rex '.

In Beetleborgs , Jo becomes the victim of a botched magical spell that alters her face from that of Shannon Chandler to that of Brittany Konarzewski. The change is permanent but a new spell makes everyone but the other heroes and the viewer, of course see her old face. Villain Al Hawke returns to Birds of Prey played by a different actor, his new face explicitly the result of Magic Plastic Surgery to erase the scars of his burns from a previous episode.

Unlike other examples, this doesn't explain why his personality, height, etc. In Blake's 7 , the character of Travis first played by Stephen Greif in the first season, then replaced by Brian Croucher in season 2 was given a combination of plastic surgery and psychological re-conditioning. After Greg Serrano as played by Santino Fontana leaves Crazy Ex-Girlfriend early in season 2, he later comes back in the fourth and final season, but this time played by Skyler Astin. Co-creators Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom explain the swap as it being a result of Greg's original completed character arc, and a reflection of how your perception of people in this case, protagonist Rebecca's can change over time.

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At the conclusion of the 10th season of Dallas , Victoria Principal chose to leave the series and as a result her character Pam was severely burned in a tanker explosion. Pam later reappeared in one episode two seasons later, now played by Margaret Michaels, with some plastic surgery to explain the change in appearance.

Lex Luthor : You can change your face, your hair, your voice You still sweat the same. When bassist Masokiss left UK all-character cult band Deathsex Bloodbath, they circumvented it by having the performer die onstage and through low-budget effects regenerate into her replacement. Used as a major gameplay mechanic in the Doctor Who pinball game: The Master has effectively trapped six of the then seven Doctors in different places, and the Seventh must get them to safety in order to confront The Master, the Daleks, and ultimately Davros. To replace the late Peter Jones in the Tertiary Phase of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , the guide receives an "update" during the first scene of the play.

Thanks to some clever editing, the voice of the Guide changes in mid-sentence, and occasionally reverts back for a second, using recycled audio from the original series. In the radio adaptation of How the Marquis Got His Coat Back , the Marquis played by Patterson Joseph instead of David Harewood from the radio adaptation of Neverwhere explains to Richard that he sounds different as a side-effect of having his throat cut. He also mentions he sounds like his "younger self", a reference to Joseph playing the Marquis in the TV version.

The first actor to play The Lone Ranger on the radio died tragically in a car crash. To further a a seamless transition of the character and b to keep young viewers from being freaked out by the Ranger's sudden vocal change, the producers decided to have the Ranger be seriously injured and spend a few episodes first unconscious and then unable to talk coherently, before introducing the new voice of the Ranger, Brace Beemer.

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For those who noticed the change, his injuries could provide an in-universe explanation. Dimbleby: Question Time I let you go Fiona Bruce: Oh, brilliant. I'm a woman now. The BBC will get letters! Video Games. Ingress : Whatever the Shapers did that brought Roland Jarvis back from the dead also changed his appearance significantly, as the Roland Jarvis that died and the one that came out to greet his agents, thanking them for his revival, were entirely different, despite being the same mind.

Mass Effect : The player can do this to Shepard between the games.

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The second game justifies this with Shepard dying in the opening and then being reconstructed by Cerberus. The third game, however, has no justification. Other characters will also easily recognize you just by your voice.

Ashley gets this between the second and third game. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Doctor Who Reference Guides 5. The Doctor. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Doctor Who , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Some of its most passionate teenage fans have never known a world without it. The wilderness years of , between cancellation and renewal, feel increasingly like a historical footnote. Which makes this hyper-specific reference book simultaneously far more interesting and far more niche than when it was first published.

It turns out this was a very busy period for assorted writers and producers hoping to revive Doctor Who on the big screen.

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This guide breaks down the many possible stories we could have seen had things gone even a little differently. Some of these synopses are exciting and easy to imagine playing in some parallel universe cinema. Other sections are a bit of a slog, especially when we get repetitive variations and rewrites of the same story, included more for admirable historical completion than pure entertainment value.

Your mileage may vary. On the whole, this was an intriguing, well written look at the different attempts to revive Doctor Who on both the big and small screens in the late 80s and early 90s. Either way, they were interesting to read about, even for someone like myself who is relatively uneducated in Who cano On the whole, this was an intriguing, well written look at the different attempts to revive Doctor Who on both the big and small screens in the late 80s and early 90s. Either way, they were interesting to read about, even for someone like myself who is relatively uneducated in Who canon.

The book's biggest flaw to me is that some of the stuff the Lofficiers talk about in the footnotes can get irritating quickly. They insist trying to reconcile every single script not only with the original BBC series, but also with each other, even when that is blatantly impossible. It honestly starts to feel like fan fiction after a while.