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Generally, when a buyer ordered a kilt, they requested a specific tartan , of which today, there are more than 3, Beginning in the s, the phillabeg style of kilt was replaced by the tailored kilt, becoming the modern Scottish kilt of today. The difference between the phillabeg and the tailored kilt is that the pleats of the kilt are sewn down, as opposed to being gathered, folded and belted. Initially the tailored kilt was worn by the military during the s when they were box-pleated, but there was no tapering. The Gordon Highlanders became the first military regiment to begin using the knife pleat , and by the s, it was accepted in civilian kilt designs.

As fashions transformed, designs of the tailored kilt progressed to linings, waistbands, buckles and straps. Generally, modern-day Scottish kilts have 29 pleats and are made using approximately 8 yards of tartan fabric. During the 19 th century, Scottish kilts were a form of ceremonial dress and worn only for special occasions and primarily to formal events, such as weddings, sporting events, Highland games and holiday celebrations.

However, through a global cultural process of recognizing Scottish identity in America, reinventing traditions and building the Scottish-American Heritage, the Scottish kilt is increasingly being recognized as an acceptable form of dress at informal parties, as casual wear or everyday attire and returning to its cultural roots. View all Results.

How to Wear a Kilt

Please enter a valid password. Forgot your password. Please enter a valid email. Reset Password. Starting from the left roll the pleats towards the right fringe side. Slip the rolled kilt into an old nylon stocking or one leg of a pair of tights with the foot cut off. Place in your suitcase and even if you have to bend the top a little bit, it won't come to any harm. When you remove the kilt you'll have no problems with creasing and it should be ready to wear.

If for any reason you don't happen to have a footless lady's stockingto hand or an old pair of tights, just fasten the kilt buckles and laythe kilt flat in the bottom of your suitcase. As long as you hang it upimmediately at journey's end, it shouldbe fine. The remainder of the outfit should be packed as a normal dinner suit.

Do remember to pack your skean dhu in your hold luggage if travelling by air - if it's in hand baggage you're going to have a hard time gettig through security and may end up being jumped on and having your valuable skean dubh confiscated. There are a couple of specialised products available for packing your kilt - one is a very smart kilt roll that takes the place of those ladies' tights which could be embarrassing under certain circumstances and the other is a travel bag for your complete outfit. When faced with any light spot-cleaning jobs, Ruthven Milne of Piob Mhor and his kiltmakers always use a proprietory babywipe those sweet-smelling ones for cleaning baby bots!

Matthew Newsome, GTS, ©2004

Ideally, if you spill anything on your kilt, clean it immediately. Since you're unlikely to have any baby wipes at the party, just use a clean cloth and warm or cold water and take the worst off. If cleaning a stubborn stain later, use the babywipes or, failing that, a proprietary spot cleaner but do test it on the inside of the kilt to make sure the cleaning doesn't leave a bigger mark than was there in the first place.

Some kiltmakers advocate not sending your kilt to a dry-cleaner - they say the process takes the stuffing out of it and if they press it, you may end up with disastrous results. Ruthven Milne recommends the dry-cleaning route but suggests you check out your dry cleaner first - make sure they know what they're doing. Warning: don't send your kilt to the cleaners without first basting the pleats: basting is putting a tacking stitch right round the bottom of the kilt to hold each pleat in place. Make sure each pleat is the same width all the way down! American kilt expert Bob Martin advocates washing a really dirty kilt with cold water and then hosing it down!

In his book "All about your Kilt" available in our online Shop here's how he suggests you do it!

Patented Advice for First Time Kilt Wearers

Spot clean the cloth by putting undiluted Ivory Snow liquid or its equivalent on each of the very soiled areas and rubbing it in thoroughly. If the soilage is acute, a soft brush may be called for. Fill the bath tub with about 8 inches of cold water, adding 12 capfuls of the soap. And just a reminder — You will look better in a Celtic kilt than in pants! Wearing the kilt does two things. First, it encourages good posture.

Have a Scotch and Pull Down that Kilt!

You will naturally walk taller with your shoulders back and your chest out. Imagine the top of the hourglass is your shoulder-line….

Scotland Vacations

This works for bigger guys too. See illustration. Whatever makes you comfortable and happy. There are NO rules!

A History of Scottish Kilts | Authentic Ireland Travel

When you get asked The Question, you can respond in a number of ways. There are so many joke answers to this that we actually sell a T-shirt. As we said above, YOU can control the interaction. Option B: Be matter of fact…. Also fine answers! Sometimes people really just want a basic answer that confirms this bit of trivia about Highland dress. That includes the regular questions above as well as The Question. Guys in our culture are often too self conscious to show their curiosity straight guys at least.

And very often, the ladies are asking because they want to flirt a tiny bit, or see if they can make you blush.

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Some see it as turning the tables and who can blame them? Hey, kilts are titillating. First of all. NEVER assume that asking is a come-on for serious romance. Especially if the asker has been drinking. If they are just being rude or obnoxious — trying to goad you — you might just make THEM blush.

Of course a little embarrassment might be just what they need. Use your power wisely! The classic example of kilt hecklers is the carload of kids zooming past you and yelling insults you can barely make out.

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  • Hecklers like this are usually in a group. They are basically cowards trying to prove something to themselves by showing off in front of their buddies. What should you do? Ignore them.

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    Worthy men do not need fake bravado like that. You out-rank them. In our experience, this happens very rarely. If it does, you just have to treat it the way you would any ordinary encounter with such a person. Remember, your friends and most of the people around you will be on your side. There has never been a more kilt-friendly time in history.