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And yet there are those who look upon his realm with a covetous eye. And there is one ruler who will never kneel before him. AD, The bustling army base at Vindolanda lies on the northern frontier of Britannia and the entire Roman world. In just over 20 years' time, the Emperor Hadrian will build his famous wall. But for now, defences are weak as tribes rebel against Rome.

It falls to Flavius Ferox, Briton and Roman centurion, to keep the peace. But it will take more than just a soldier's courage to survive life in Roman Britain. The Redcoats stagger to a bloody halt. The men of the King's Royal Fusiliers are in terrible trouble, ducking and twisting as the storm of shot, shell, and bullet tear through their ranks.

Officer Jack Lark has to act immediately and decisively. His life and the success of the campaign depend on it. But does he have the mettle, the officer qualities that are the life blood of the British Army? From a poor background Lark has risen through the ranks by stealth and guile and now he faces the ultimate test Bombay, Jack Lark is living precariously as an officer when his heroic but fraudulent past is discovered by the devil - Major Ballard, the army's intelligence officer.

Ballard is gathering a web of information to defend the British Empire, and he needs a man like Jack on his side. It is January of On the morning of 22 January, the main camp at Isandlwana, just 10 miles to the east, comes under attack from the entire Zulu army and is utterly destroyed. In return for his freedom, John has ceded vast tracts of territory to the English. But the mercenary bands and belligerent lords will not give up their hard-won spoils to honour a defeated king's promises.

As he battles to enforce Edward's claim, Thomas Blackstone, once again, will face the might of the French army on the field. But this time there will be no English army at his back. A riveting tale of battle and adventure in a brutal land, where loyalty and courage are constantly challenged and the enemy is never far away. Jack Lark barely survived the Battle of the Alma. As the brutal fight raged, he discovered the true duty that came with the officer's commission he'd taken.

In hospital, wounded, and with his stolen life left lying on the battlefield, he grasps a chance to prove himself a leader once more. Poor Captain Danbury is dead, but Jack will travel to his new regiment in India, under his name. Tragedy tears Gerald's world apart, and only his unwavering loyalty to the Baron of Bodden saves him. After serving as a soldier for years, a single act of self-sacrifice thrusts his future into the world of politics. Cut off from all he knows, he becomes no more than a pawn to those in command.

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Banished with little more than the clothes on his back, he seeks a new purpose, for what is a warrior who has nothing left to fight for? The year is 77 AD. On the frontier of the Roman Empire, a Dacian man named Verus is captured and enslaved during an imperial raid north of the Danube. He is sent to a rock quarry known as The Pit, as one among thousands of fresh slaves needed to mine marble for Emperor Vespasian's new amphitheater.

Funded by spoils taken during the Siege of Jerusalem, the Emperor promises it will be the largest gladiatorial arena ever; his personal gift to the people of Rome. Requiring years of herculean labor and millions of cubic feet in stone, Vespasian's son, Titus, worries whether his father will live to see its completion. After months of back-breaking suffering and toil, Verus is taken from The Pit to become a gladiator. Whether by chance or fate, he knows that only by making a pact with death will he have a chance at life.

Die by the Blade

In a savage world of blood, sweat, sand, and steel, his very soul is forged, until he no longer remembers the man he once was. As the Flavian Amphitheatre nears completion, with the possibility of fighting before the Emperor himself, Verus swears to either win his cherished freedom, or ignominiously die by the blade. Great performance by Jonathan Waters. I struggled to follow the characters. Much like Game Of Thrones many of the names started to run together. Overall a good book with well rounded plot lines. I was provided this book complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

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I feel like we don't have a lot of these types of stories. After watching Spartacus and finishing I've never been able to scratch tat itch. I train in mma as well which is somewhat like a modern gladiator. So you know the premise of a gladiators would interest me. I did enjoy the story more than I expect other people to do, so keep in mind if gladiator type stories are not your thing. I highly recommend this for people who are really in to this type of story.

The book starts a little slow, and I could have skipped the perspective of the Legion as they are planning to go on their raid, but once we got to the Ludus, it really picked up steam and I was very invested. The characters could have been a little more well rounded and less one dimensional, but it was very clear that the author did extensive amounts of research all the way from the big points about the Roman Emperors to the small things like Romans eating stuffed doormice true, and gross.


As a history nerd I really appreciated the amount of detail that went into the book. The reader was solid, although his pronunciation of the Danube is bizarre. And a couple of other words were pronounced strangely. But that aside, I really appreciated that his female voice for the "Lady of the Sands" wasn't a caricature. I usually don't like men attempting women's voices, but this was very well done. Overall I recommend, but you need to give it a couple hours before it really picks up steam. I would definitely give a sequel in the series a listen.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. The story of the main character was interesting,whilst the action quick and intense. The narration is done well with distinctive voices for the different characters. Please note that I was provided with a copy of this audiobook to provide a non-biased review. This is a good story. I might have wished for a bit more character development and description of life in Rome at the time.

I do wonder about the accuracy of some of the aspects of this story, though. Jonathan Waters delivers a very competent performance. He makes a reasonable effort at giving distinctive voices to the characters. I'm satisfied with his narration and the story. NOTE: I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I'm quite the fan of historical fiction, I love how it can breathe life and perspective into great characters and events that we know of, but will never really know.

But that's not all historical fiction can do. An author such as James Mace can take an obscure and mostly irrelevant piece of history, and create an enjoyable tale with characters and events that are mostly lost in the sands of the time. Mace tells the tale of Verus, a Dacian blacksmith who in 77 AD takes up arms to help his people fend off the advance of the Roman army into his territory. Fine warriors though the Dacians may have been, they were no match for the Roman army, a fighting force with hundreds of years of experience.

Verus is first sent to a marble quarry, but after spending time there, he gets sent to become a gladiator, a slight improvement on his current state of affairs. The bulk of the story tells of Verus' trials as a gladiator, and also his friend Prisus audiobooks don't help with spelling , a Pict never read a book with a Pict before, as far as I remember who is the combatant all combatants want to be.

Prisus is a likeable character. He's not the killer we expect from gladiator stories, and for the three years of the book, he mourns that he may never see his family again. Prisus on the other hand is a killer, but he's the kind of likeable hardass counterpoint to our hero. The Romans are suitably ghastly, but they add colour to the story when in there, as opposed boo-hiss panto villains. The historical facts and the knowledge of gladiatorial history rings true, although I'm no expert on this matter.

The story never goes quite as you'd expect, which is great, and the combat scenes are nicely done. The narrator does a good job, adding distinct voices to characters, while moving the pace effectively. What makes historical fiction wonderful is this. It can take one tiny tiny piece of historical fact.

But for me it was those two names, those two gladiators of whom the story was based on. Their history and their life is that of pure fiction. Their loves their trials and their triumphs the same. But they were real and this book takes that reality and brings them to life for us to know and walk side by side with.

Great story of gladiatorial combat. I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator or publisher. Before World War II could reach its conclusion, the world suffered what could only be defined as a cataclysm. Now, Yosemite city stands as the gateway between two worlds and an equal power in the continent. Standing at the top of Yosemite is the warrior king Vince, a ranger turned city state ruler.

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Supporting him in his endeavors is his inner circle. With a firm grasp on Yosemite, Vince has solidified his borders. Shari is a med student, months away from being a doctor. Mace is a coder on his first day of an exciting new job. When the world comes to a sudden and horrifying end, none would have expected them to be among the few survivors. Hyper-aggressive undead zombie creatures hunt anything living on the surface, where even the grass and trees can kill you.

Hiding underground is safe, but not much of a life. Their only escape is a virtual world of magic and monsters where Shari can use her healing skills, and Mace can focus on something other than his fears. Willa Knight: Dead? Damned to a state of eternal bad luck? Willa and the Abcurse brothers are back, and more determined than ever to stick by each other.

Unfortunately, Staviti has other plans, plans that threaten to change the natural order of the worlds—though nobody really understands why. His agenda may very well affect all beings on Minatsol, even those that thought themselves safe in Topia. Even Willa-invincible-Knight. Unsure with her new place in the worlds, Willa must follow the Abcurses to their new post: Champions Peak, a secluded mountain far from civilization, where the most powerful sols have been summoned to hone their abilities through direct contact with the gods.

There is a chance that she might survive her time on the mountain, but it seems like staying alive amidst the powerful occupants of the Peak is the least of her concerns. Her real problem is staying on the mountain at all. Sancia Grado is a thief, and a damn good one. The Merchant Houses who control this magic - the art of using coded commands to imbue everyday objects with sentience - have already used it to transform Tevanne into a vast, remorseless capitalist machine. As the Stone Raiders come into a time of peace, they set upon building up their guild hall and getting back to raiding.

Without the worries of immediate battles and constant quests, Dave and Party Zero are free to pursue their passions. New discoveries will be made and advances taken. They've got big plans and ideas for the future. What they start now will form and shape that future. It was supposed to be just another mission.

Buried deep in the rugged Alaskan wilderness lies a secret that could alter the future of mankind - a secret that billionaire Elizabeth Grey has invested millions in solving. But when the dig goes silent, an elite team of battle-hardened military contractors is brought in led by former Marine Max Ahlgren. Forced to live as an outlaw, Kellen relies on his wits and his allies to survive the unforgiving borderlands. When he meets a young woman cursed with a deadly plague, he feels compelled to help. But her secrets draw powerful enemies, and it's not long before Kellen is entangled in a conspiracy of blackmail, magic, and murder.

As the bodies begin to pile up, Kellen fears he's next. The Cadian Gate is broken, and the Imperium is riven in two. The might of the Traitor Legions, kept shackled for millennia behind walls of iron and sorcery, has been unleashed on a darkening galaxy. Betrayed by those closest to him, Finn Caldwell thought he'd escaped his life of violence and deception.

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  8. But when a frantic message from his estranged sister draws him into The Realms, the world's most advanced holographic reality game, Finn is forced to embrace his deadly skills once more. Armed with a mysterious artifact known as a Godhead, Finn becomes the warrior mage Gryph. Yet, things are not as they seem and to save his sister, he must escape a sentient dungeon by defeating its master the Barrow King.

    On the day the government decrees that women are no longer allowed more than words daily, Dr. Jean McClellan is in denial - this can't happen here. Not in America. Not to her. This is just the beginning.

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    Soon women can no longer hold jobs. Girls are no longer taught to read or write. Females no longer have a voice. Before, the average person spoke 16, words a day, but now women only have to make themselves heard.

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    But this is not the end. For herself, her daughter, and every woman silenced, Jean will reclaim her voice. And I thought that nothing could be worse than what I faced there.

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    Just my black cat bad luck, the world is set to prove me wrong. The further south we go, the more danger comes not only from outside our group but from within. Marsum, leader of the Jinn. And the emperor himself. All three want something from me. All three claim they can give me the world on a silver platter, to give me my deepest desires. The Yellowstone series, a new disaster thriller from international best-selling author Bobby Akart, takes the listener on a thrill ride as a cataclysmic event of extinction level proportions ticks away like a time bomb, awaiting its moment.

    Alvin had a rough week. Thrown into a digital death game, Apocalypse Gates , with only his wits and a less than helpful AI handler, Alvin's prospects for survival looked bleak. Managing not only to survive but to thrive, he helped build a settlement of survivors in Green River, Utah. Along the way he met the very sexy and broken Gothy. He's taken on the undead, mutated bugs and animals and the worst possible enemy - other people - and triumphed.