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To help students process this new information, I show a rap video. This video introduces the "keep, change, flip" idea, but it also explains why it works. Even though this explanation is short, it is an important component of the video. I will revisit the explaining through the instruction too. Following the "Keep, Change, Flip Rap", I lead the students in guided practice to solve a few problems involving division of whole numbers by fractions.

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During each problem, I revisit the WHY the procedure "keep change flip works". For each division problem I model on the board, I also model a similar multiplication problem. I have found in the past that students over generalize "keep change flip" and use this procedure to multiply fractions as well.

Lesson 16 - Writing Whole Numbers As Fractions - (5th Grade Math)

I believe that working with division and multiplication at the same time allows students to better see and understand the differences in these operations. I draw 3 wholes cut into thirds and then together we count the thirds to get 9 pieces. Is this problem the same as the other 2?


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No, because it is a multiplication problem, not a division problem. This problem is different. When multiplying a whole number by a fraction, we find a part of the whole.

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Or you can divide the set of 3 into 3 groups and there is 1 whole in each. This guided practice provides students with support for the independent practice where they have to solve problems involving dividing a fraction by a whole number and also multiplying a fraction by a whole number. Before practicing with a partner, I focus students attention to the essential understandings for multiplying and dividing fractions.

You can multiply by the reciprocal keep change flip to find the answer. When you multiply fractions by a whole number, you are finding a part of the whole number. You have to split the whole number into equal parts and find the value of one of those parts. Students put these ideas the italics into their own ideas, but they do this before working on problems so the essential understandings are fresh in their minds. After recording the essential understandings in their own words on the bottom of the handout with practice problems students work in pairs to complete the six problems 3 dividing whole numbers by fractions and 3 multiplying whole numbers by fractions.

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Students use models to show their thinking on each of these problems. I make my reasoning for having the students model their thinking transparent to the students. I am asking you to show models because we deserve this challenge.

Tip: Practice Calculations Using Decimals Connect the work with decimals that your child is doing in class to the real world by encouraging her to shop for bargains. Have her divide the cost of bulk-packaged items by the number of single items to find the cost per item. So how much are you paying per roll of paper towel or per can of soda when you buy in bulk?

Understand what an exponent is. The 5th-grade class is assembling a piece jigsaw puzzle. Today, they put together pieces. What fraction of the puzzle is complete? Draw a picture AND write out the math to show how you solved the problem. Solve word problems involving the addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators bottom numbers , by converting them to fractions that have the same denominator, called a common denominator. What is the difference in their heights? After the party, there are two bowls of lemonade left over. Do you agree?

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Why or why not? Tip: Practice Using Fractions Help your child familiarize herself with fractions by asking her to scale recipes for your family. Have her start by halving or doubling a recipe. Divide unit fractions fractions with 1 as the numerator, or top number by whole numbers. Divide whole numbers by unit fractions.

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  • Explain or illustrate how you solved this problem. Solve multi-step word problems using conversions of different-sized standard measurement units. I have 75 cm of ribbon. Writing expressions : Algebraic thinking Number patterns : Algebraic thinking. Staff picks.

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    Fraction multiplication as scaling Multiplication as scaling. Multiplying decimals by 10, , and Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, , and Line plot distribution: trail mix Data. Coordinate plane word problems quadrant 1 Coordinate plane word problems. Review articles. Decimal place value review Decimal place value intro. Powers of 10 review Powers of Decimals in expanded form review Decimals in expanded form. Volume of rectangular prisms review Finding volume.